Now and Then | Nicole French

I had the pleasure of working with Nicole at Cranebrook HIgh School for a number of years. An extraordinary teacher who could get things done before most people could think about it. I moved on from there and Nicole went to Singleton High the following year. She’s now doing great work there, some of which you can read about here.

“In December ABC Open held a workshop with students and community members at Singleton Library, which resulted in a new visual take on history, putting from the old images into a contemporary setting.

Singleton High School visual arts teacher Nicole French said the students found the project challenging and rewarding.

Now and Then is a project that takes old images back to the original location they were originally photographed, and rephotographing the old images lined up against the contemporary background.

The results of Now and Then workshops all over regional Australia can be seen at the project gallery at the ABC Open site, and can be searched by Now or Then dates.”

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Art world up in arms over ‘light bulb’ law

“London. The art world has reacted with astonishment to a European ruling which has determined that works by Bill Viola and Dan Flavin, when disassembled, should not be considered works of art for tax ­purposes. Dealers warn that the decision will inhibit the European art trade.”

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