This slide show documents in part, Visual Art Body of Work submissions for 2011 HSC ( NSW Higher School Certificate) .

For overseas visitors to this gallery, these works are created by Yr 12 high school students at Wyndham College aged between 16-18. The partial documentation is because many of the submissions contain multi media components, (where possible screen shots have been included) and since some submissions are photo sets and sequences that have specific layouts,  separate pages will be created for these.

Media areas (not forms as defined by the syllabus) include painting, drawing, photography, digital media, video, sculpture and mixed media.

Students can submit works that in total cover up to 6sq m with individual works not exceeding 2sq m.

64 students submitted works for this years Visual Arts HSC Body of Work and four very talented students were preselected and than subsequently selected by the various gallery curators to have their works displayed in the prestigious ArtExpress exhibitions held in early 2012.

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  1. It is nice to view so many creative artworks. Good job..

    I am new to all of this and have to figure it all out….I love photographing and trying to make it look as best as I can…


  2. Really amazing work !


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