2008 Body of Work slideshow

Body of Work submissions from past students at Wyndham College for 2008 HSC can be viewed here


iFVHS – iLinks

“Links for Staff about innovative learning, studying or just creative ways to approach assessments or tasks”

A pingback from one of my other sites led to this innovative initiative from Greg Thwaites at Fairvale High School . Greg has used Scoop.it to create a great resource site for staff that’s well worth the visit. What more can be said except drop by right now.

iFVHS – iLinks

Parliamentary Plein Air Finalists 2011

Finalists for the NSW Parliamentary Plein Air Photography Prize and Secondary Schools Competition  have been published at the Plein air Photography Prize website.

Click on the image below to view

Missing form this years list are some of the big names in Australian photography such as Dean Sewell, William Yang, Peter Elliston and Andrew Quilty.

The exhibition at Parliament House runs from 2nd – 25th August.

Gallery system is structurally weak

“A recent and new report by the non-profit dealers’ federation, Cinoa finds that fair-led and online business is taking over as the main source of revenue;

The traditional gallery model is in decline, according to a new report by the non-profit dealers’ federation Cinoa (Con­féd­ération Internationale des Négociants en Oeuvres d’Art), which found that fair-led and online business is taking over as the main source of revenue.

Gallery visits are declining as the art market expands to new international centres served better by art fairs or electronic media.”

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