Interview with Designer Yves Béhar / Part 1/2: Issey Miyake Watch Series

Yves Behar says….

“A watch is a Mindset about the idea of time. When considering reading the time of day, my main question is: why do I need to see all twelve numbers when only one is needed? The watch’s unique approach is to present one number appearing only, while the previous hour slowly fades out of view, and the next one fades into view. This magical appearance reminds me of the time just passed, and the future incoming…it says, ‘time is precious, yet always presents us with a surprise ahead. The mindset of the watch is to let the mystery of time be experienced: the watch is a way to feel time’s appearance and disappearance in our lives. By seeing only the current hour, while the last hour representing the past and the next one representing the future subtly fade in and out, we can live a new view of time.”

It’s an interesting approach and one worth checking out….

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Whitney Biennale |Thomas Houseago: Installing Baby

The Whitney Biennale running from the 25th Feb to May 30th 2010 it brings together an eclectic group of artists whom, according to the Whitney, represent the leading edge of contemporary practice in America.

Check out the Biennale website here

In this video Thomas Houseago discusses the inspiration for his sculpture, Baby, and describes how the sculpture travelled from L.A. to the Whitney Museum for the 2010 Biennale.

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Whitney Biennale | Josephine Meckseper: Amalgamated

The Whitney Biennale is on again. Running from the 25th Feb to May 30th 2010 it brings together an eclectic group of artists that represent the leading edge of contemporary practice in America.

2010 artist Josephine Meckseper created ‘Amalgamated’ with footage she took on her iPhone of the Whitney Museum’s building designed by architect Marcel Breuer

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MCA | Refurbishment plans.

For those who have not seen it, or know about it, the MCA has a refurbishment plan in the pipeline.

The MCA cites the following planned additions to it’s new space. “There will be new facilities for the MCA’s renowned Bella program for young people with specific needs, as well as a digital classroom, multi media room, artists research library, resource room and lecture theatre/new media events space, which will allow the delivery of a greater range of educational programs to more Australians living in remote and regional areas.”

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Art Month | Sydney 2010

Art Month Sydney runs from 1–31 March 2010, uniting the various elements of the city’s art world under one umbrella for the first time. A diverse cross-section of art will be showcased with more than 70 of Sydney’s leading commercial galleries, artist-run initiatives, public art museums and auction houses hosting exhibitions, talks, behind-the-scenes tours and special events across the city. People of all ages and art inclinations are invited to engage with the work of artists as part of the first Art Month Sydney.

Check out the events page here

The Armory Show 2010 | New York

This years Armory show in New York has opened. “This year’s edition introduces Armory Focus, a new section that features an important art community every year. The new section is premiering with Berlin, presenting 21 galleries from Germany’s capital. In total, The Armory Show features 267 galleries from 31 countries”. Vernissage

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Sweat Shoppe | Bruno Levy and Blake Shaw | The Landing

Live video painting…..

At this years Scope Miami Contemporary Art Show Levy and Shaw present an extraordinary performance concept.

“Situated in an open and inviting space outside of the booth environment, the Sweat Shoppe’s interactive installation space hosts local bands, DJs and live performances each day of the SCOPE Miami Art Show – combining art, music and technology in an innovative and accessible way. The performance aspect of Levy and Blake’s Sweat Shoppe showcases the artists’ creation dubbed ‘video painting’. Video painting allows Levy and Blake to ‘paint’ video anywhere they choose – temporarily marking architectural surfaces with their video images”. Daily Serving

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The Science of Neuromarketing

“The founder of NeuroFocus, the world’s biggest neuromarketing firm, is AK Pradeep, a PhD in engineering from the University of California, Berkeley. Five years ago, having moved from designing satellites to management consultancy, he found himself sitting next to a neuroscientist on a flight back from Atlanta: “I had just had a meeting with someone senior at Coke. He had been telling me that despite spending $3 billion on marketing and another $3 billion on indirect marketing, he was not sure what precisely he got out of it. This was still on my mind when I asked the neuroscientist what he did. He told me he helps children with attention deficit disorders, adults with emotional problems, and he works with the aged suffering from diseases such as Alzheimer’s. It struck me that this was exactly what the man at Coke was looking for. How do you get people to pay attention? How do you engage them emotionally, and how do you ensure they remember what is being said to them? Can’t I apply what he was doing in the clinic to what was happening?”

Read more here

Image: Siddhartha Dutta

Michael D Linares | Oasis | ATM Contemporary

If this happened in Australia I’m sure that the cultural cringe surrounding the arts would all but disappear. Definitely a different approach to audience interaction. Is Linares the new Duchamp?

“The Solo Projects are an essential part of ARCO Madrid. The Solo Projects section aims to compliment the general program of the fair with one man show proposals presented by an international group of curators appointed by ARCO.

One of this year’s solo presentations is Michael D. Linares‘ installation Oasis (Inclusive Structure) at ATM Contemporary | Altamira. It’s a pyramid of cooling boxes with beer cans inside. In this video, Michael D. Linares gives us a short introduction to his installation.

The work has been proposed by the independent Spanish curator Juan de Nieves.Michael”  Vernissage Art