Grossly underutilized in educational circles, this application is full of useful surprises for anyone willing to spend a even a modest amount of time finding their way around. Apart from it’s rock solid stability and ability to embed so many file types within it, Acrobat Pro’s intuitive interface makes it easy to find all it’s functionality quickly. Whether you want to convert existing Word and Pages documents,( if you haven’t previously exported or saved as PDF), create a new, or modify an existing PDF or create a digital portfolio, Acrobat Professional has to be the best application for this, and many more things, hands down.

One of the really nice things about PDF format is that it’s cross platform in the truest sense. You can open PDF documents  in mobile devices with apps that support PDF and there a quite a few for Android, iPhone and iPad.

This means that my students can download their assessment tasks and any supporting documents that I have across a number of websites whether they have access to a computer or not.

I use Acrobat Pro extensively for student exit portfolios, content development and for assessment.


  • iBooks on IOS supports pdf as a separate collection.
  • Security is good except on pdf readers that don’t respect security settings


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