Ben Quilty Paintings

The following is a compilation of the works of Australian artist Ben Quilty. Contains some good interview and review material. A number of sources dealing with his work were used to put this together.

Josh Smith Paintings at Gallerie Luhring Augustine

An inside look at a recent exhibition of the paintings of Josh Smith sourced from the Gallerie Luhring Augustine website

Nam June Paik ‘Exposition of Music

This PDF looks at the early work (Fluxus) of Korean video artist Nam June Paik, particularly his Exposition of Music.

Nam June Paik Essay

Another PDF containing an extensive overview of the body of work of Nam June Paik, with an introductory essay from John Hanhardt of the Guggenheim Museum. Sourced from the website of Nam June Paik

Framing the Museum

Craig Judds’ address at ‘Focus Fest’, part of the 2000 Biennale in Sydney

Nemesis – An interview with Shahzia Sikander

Ian Berry interviews the extraordinary Shahzia Sikander about her work and her practice as an artist.

The Art World

A Craig Judd transcript from the 2000 Sydney Biennale. This is a superb illumination of the mechanics of the art world…. Conceptual Framework buffs, this is a must.

Glossary of art related terms

An extensive glossary of art related terms from various sources, most notably ArtLex.

Jackson Pollock

An overview of the development of Pollock’s work.

Deconstructing Museum Language

An excellent giude to understanding how well art terminology is understood. Also guidance on how to write concisely about art.

Semiotics for Beginners

This may require substantial editing for some students. Key issues are highlighted in yellow. Adapted and edited by yours truely.

A Beginners Guide to Drawing terms

Louise Bourgeois

Real Life | Film and Video Art


From Zero to Infinity_ Arte Povera 1962–1972


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