One of my favorite features in the more recent versions of Lightroom is the ability to apply automatically detected lens profiles to make corrections to images.
After years of manually correcting barrel distortion in Photoshop, you can now make these corrections with one click. An incredible time saver.

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  1. […] Each year our photography students produce an online book as part of their final year portfolio. The workflow between Lightroom and Blurb’s desktop software is now tighter than ever. Some while ago Blurb released a plugin for Lightroom that allows you export directly to your book template from within Lightroom. You can also re-edit your images directly from Lightroom and see the updates changes. You can also customize your layout, change your image order, edit text, and make two-page photo spreads from inside Lightroom. For our students this makes Lightroom the ideal companion for their book projects. Combining this with soft proofing using Blurb’s ICC profile in Photoshop, (whilst a round trip out of the workflow) can yield good results on calibrated monitors. See lens correction samples  here […]


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