Grid Based Design

An overview of the Grid system.

Design Principles

An overview of core design principles

Keep Adding

This is an overview of the work of Keep Adding, a pair of young designers from the US who began as street artists and ended up with representation in mainstream galleries. The images are sourced from their website (a link can be found on the main page under Design).

Font Design

An overview of the key elements in font design

European Design

Overview of European Design from Extraverge

What is Typography

Excerpts from the book ‘What is Typography’. Sourced from Computer Arts Magazine.


Excerpts from the book ‘Logology’. Sourced from Computer Arts Magazine.


Excerpts from the book ‘Branding – From brief to finished solution’. Sourced from Computer Arts.

Logo Design

Looks at the do’s and dont’s of effective logo design.

Vivien Rehberg Interview

Vivien Rehberg turns 100. A great designer interviewed.

Photoshop Reinvented

Getting Ahead

Creative Common Sense

Design for Exhibitions

20 Tips for Interactive Designers

20 Freelance problems

Stay on top

Youth vs Experience

Music Design Brief


Design for Exhibitions

Font Design

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