Primarily for motion graphics and cinematic effects (including particles).

Despite this being a  high-end application, it’s relatively easy to learn and worthwhile introducing to students who are considering career opportunities in animation, film or video and can be ideally delivered inside a Design course.

After Effects allows you to;

  • Animate and composite in 2D / 3D
  • Access 3d camera import data
  • Cut between multiple cameras in the same composition.
  • Control light fall off across 3d space
  • Keyframe x, y and z values independently
  • Animate multiple lights in a scene
  • Work with parent and child layers
  • Work with nested compositions
  • Work with adjustment layers
  • Easily add and extract content from the Timeline in your compositions.
  • Create and animate vector graphics easily with Shape Layers
  • Add depth to your text by making characters or an entire phrase move, rotate, blur, and cast shadows.
  • Convert text into editable paths
  • Modify and animate hand-drawn or parametric shapes
  • Use more than 250 professional 2D and 3D text animation presets
  • Create blur effects customized to the needs of the shot
  • Warp and distort footage
  • Use plug-ins to generate realistic wave reflection and caustic effects
  • Manipulate the individual color and alpha channel information
  • Create natural phenomena using Turbulent Noise effect
  • Copy paths in Photoshop and Illustrator and paste them as masks in After Effects
  • Apply intelligent edge tracking, dechattering, and motion blurring capabilities
  • Slow down and speed up footage with smooth, crisp results and minimal artifacts
  • Draw an animation path for any layer and set its velocity with Motion Sketch

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