Currently the most comprehensive overview for those wanting to get to the bones of this issue can be found here

As for me here’s a plethora of divergent perceptions about the pro’s and con’s of the Aperture vs Lightroom debate and both hold water in their own particular ways. The consensus appears to be that;

1. Aperture 3 is slow and buggy,

  • Well; I have to say despite my initial problems with it, I find it runs quickly and has been completely stable since installing from boxed disc. Like my preference for camera’s, I’m not fond of superfluous functionality and Aperture abounds with gimmicky things that, if your serious about it, you probably wouldn’t use. Like the ability to create slide-shows, that are able to play video and have multiple sound tracks. Admittedly good for someone without video editing experience, or for someone on the road putting together a multimedia story, but for me, if I want that, I’ll go to Final Cut or Premiere Pro where I have even more capability from adding motion graphics and full motion and colour editing for video, access to my plugins and access to solid sound editing through Soundtrack, Logic Studio or Soundbooth.

2. Integration with Photoshop and 3rd party plugins like onOne or Nik software is a hit and miss affair.

  • I usually have to open Photoshop first and drop an exported Aperture image into it before Aperture will recognise Photoshop and open it from within Aperture, same with onOne and Nik software, I, more often than not, have to access them through Photoshop, only Photomatix opens directly from Aperture, however;
  • In Lightroom the process is not all that smooth either, plugins tend not to open in their native GUI and will often boot into Photoshop before re-routing to the plugin interface. What I do like is the ability to add from installed apps that have Lightroom enabled plugins. A very direct and intuitive interface enables you to locate and plugins of your choice. Despite the phenomenal variety of plugins available for Aperture, I’ve yet to find an equivalent plugin location interface in Aperture.
  • Since upgrading to Aperture 3 my Nik and onOne plugins are not recognised. In Lightroom I was able to locate and enable these very easily.
  • The recent 4.1 update for Photomatix Pro includes a plugin for Lightroom so I’m now able to export and edit directly with Photomatix as I can in Aperture.

to be continued.

Image results for Aperture retouch tool

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