Bejing Design Week

“Since the debut in 2009, Beijing Design Week 北京国际设计周 has become an annual International celebration of design and creativity in China, a model set for local communities, and a cultural event for the World. The event is organized into several sections and areas.

The 751 D-Park Tank is one of the premier cultural and creative clusters in Beijing, blending its old industrial landscape with design, fashion and promoting International design exchanges. In exhibition there are works by Design Lobby, Yi Jian Zhai by Space Magazine, Unmade in China, Crystal Design Architects, Republic Space, Nike Flyknit Collective, as well as Dutch Design on the Move”. @ Vernissage Art TV

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Yung Ho Chang @ UCCA and Che Guevara @ Three Shadows, Beijing (China)

“In Beijing’s 798 Art Zone, Ullens Center for Contemporary Art (UCCA) presents ‘Yung Ho Chang + FCJZ: Material-ism’, the first retrospective of the pioneer of contemporary Chinese architecture. UCCA shows over 6 installations, 40 models and 270 drawings charting the cross-disciplinary work of Yung Ho Chang and his practice Feichang Jianzhu (FCJZ). Chang and FCJZ transform the UCCA Great Hall into six courtyard-like modules inspired by the ‘hutong’, the traditional Chinese neighbourhood network of narrow alleys between tile-roofed courtyard houses.” Vernissage TV


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@ Tate Modern | A Bigger Splash: Painting after Performance

“When painting’s enduring relevance is debated, performance art is often pitched as its polar opposite: one a venerable, hallowed tradition of object making, the other its provocative, ephemeral nemesis.

But Tate Modern’s new show explores a long history of interaction between them that has led to a fertile strand of contemporary art.

“Quite a lot of artists have a painting practice that only comes about because of an engagement with performance,” says Catherine Wood, the Tate’s curator of contemporary art and performance.”  Read the full article here

sourced @ The Art Newspaper

Painting meets performance: Helena Almeida’s Inhabited Painting, 1975

Adobe Education Leader Summit 2012 Sydney

(Image) Day one – orientation and presentations

I recently attended the Adobe Education Leader Summit 2012 held in Sydney at the Kirribilli Club overlooking Lavender Bay during  the 12th, 13th and 14th of this month (September). The Summit brought together identified education leaders from across Australia drawn from the ranks of Teachers, Principals, Deputy Principals, Head Teachers, ICT Coordinators, Project Officers and Regional Advisers. It was an extraordinary professional development event, the like of which I had not experienced in my teaching career. The opportunity to collaborate with this exceptional group of educators on a range of curriculum development projects aligned to the National Curriculum standards and professional development projects to support colleagues in K-12 Education and Higher Education settings was a paradigm shifting experience to say the least.

The organization by Adobe was flawless and the support provided throughout the Summit was something that the NSW DEC could take valuable lessons from. Theses guys know how to look after their people and do the job properly.

It will be some time before the trickle down hits and I fully understand the implication of the work done during the Summit. There has been a significant re-alignment of my priorities with regards to education and leadership as a result of the last few days. I simply see things in a way that I could not have imagined prior to this event and I’m sure I owe a lot of this to the collective inspiration, vision and energy of the current team of Australian AEL’s.

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Art World pays tribute to Robert Hughes

“ROBERT Hughes, the famously opinionated and occasionally pugnacious art critic, has been remembered as a role model for others in his profession.

Hughes, who has died in New York at the age of 74, was a former art critic for Time magazine and the author of more than a dozen books, including his popular account of contemporary art, The Shock of the New.

Sebastian Smee, Pulitzer prize-winning art critic for The Boston Globe, said Hughes “combined incredible descriptive prowess with a sense of the wider currents of history”. The Australian


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This is quite an extraordinary loss. I couldn’t begin to articulate the impact Hughes had on my understanding of the relationships between Art History, Art Criticism and the global machine in which the artist is but another cog. Hughes redefined for me what it is to be articulate and honestly observant whilst maintaining the ability to lay it out in simple language that could reach a wider audience than his highbrow contemporaries. With quintessential Australian dryness and wit Hughes cut through the garbage that’s become so common place in Art writing and commentary. I for one will certainly miss his keen, refreshing intellect and vision.

HSC Visual Art Resources

Every now and then something comes along that has all the hallmarks of becoming a future place of pilgrimage in the educational landscape. Emily Portmann’s new Stage 6 Visual Art WordPress blog site is just that.

HSC Visual Art Resources is Portmann’s response to the need for an articulate, concise and informative repository of case study resources for HSC Visual Art students and teachers.

Recently launched and still in it’s infancy HSC Visual Art Resources is already flush with quality content that is organized into a systemic and logically sequential flow of information that addresses the work of each cataloged artist in terms of biographical information, ‘Conceptual Framework’ breakdown, ‘Frames’ breakdown and relevant ‘Practice’ references along with a healthy selection of supporting images.

As Portmann so succinctly put it

“HSC Visual Art Resources’ aim is to become a data base of relevant artists explored as case studies for both teachers and students. Teachers can access new contemporary artists in which to add to their own programs and course content, whilst students can access this information as inspiration for their own artmaking (particularly in reference to their HSC Body of Work, BOW’s) as well as for their theoretical studies of art criticism and art history.” @

Emily Portmann is an acclaimed photographer entering a promising educational career.

I would certainly encourage any teacher and/or their students to do themselves a great service; visit the site and select any artist under ‘Recent Post’s’ in the right sidebar and enjoy the journey.

iPhone Photography Awards | Winners announced

After a a seemingly eternal wait the people at IPPA have announced the awards for 2012. 

The Winner of 5th Annual iPhone Photography Awards is Jimmy Mazur, and a well deserved win it is.

Congratulations to all the other category winners and photographers receiving honorable mentions.

I was fortunate enough to have 2 images selected for Honorable mention this year.

So; a big thanks to the organizers for making this available to all those dedicated to iphone photography.

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New Art in the 21st Century videos on PBS

“The sixth season of “Art in the Twenty-first Century”, a biennial of art films, begins on 13 April on the US public television channel PBS. Four hour-long programmes over four weeks will document the work of 12 artists and one collective.

Programme one, “Change”, looks at the life and work of the US photographer Catherine Opie, the Ghanaian-born Nigerian resident El Anatsui and the Chinese dissident artist Ai Weiwei. Opie is filmed making photographs of the Lake Erie shoreline in her hometown, Sandusky in Ohio. Taken at the same spot at different times of the day, the photographs were commissioned by a hospital”. The Art Newspaper