Banksy @ Dismaland

There’s a lot out there on Banksy’s latest contribution to the dialog of the great decline. Most of it’s carefully packaged and spun on the corporate web. So here’s something refreshing, a take with no contrivances. Banksy says ” its all the more interesting because I’m not in it” but is that really the case? Whilst the show is full of the work of other artists Banksy’s vision is the cohesive glue; so in a sense I find it opening out another dimension of Banksy’s world that makes even more sense of the work he is so well known for.

Banksy has also hit London’s underground and bus networks in a blitz protesting the DSLI Arms Fair taking place in the London Docklands

Banksy in New York | Better out than in

Banksy’s one month art residency stint in New York seems to have stirred the Big Apple from its deep sleep and has already provoked Mayor Bloomberg into condemning the artist and the NYPD into actively seeking his arrest for defacing public property. The public embrace him and the police chase him, it could only happen in New York. What would Robert Hughes have to say if he were still alive?

Check out this very cheeky animated gif 

Get the inside on the kind of nutters roaming the streets of New York including the Mayor here

The news of the residency was out and about in the artworld before it came to to public attention after the news media picked up on Banksy’s stall (post event) where signed original works were being sold to an unsuspecting public for $60. Video footage was released on the Banksy NY YouTube channel

Follow the full story at Banks’y website



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Images courtesy of Design Boom

Banksy | The Village Pet Store

This was  British artist Banksy’s first official exhibition in New York. A mock pet supply shop, “open for pet supplies / rare breeds / mechanically retrieved meat” as a sign said  in front of the shop. Banksy said : “I wanted to make art that questioned our relationship with animals and the ethics and sustainability of factory farming, but it ended up as chicken nuggets singing.”

Shown in October 2008

Video courtesy of Vernissage Art TV.