Adobe Education Leader Summit 2012 Sydney

(Image) Day one – orientation and presentations

I recently attended the Adobe Education Leader Summit 2012 held in Sydney at the Kirribilli Club overlooking Lavender Bay during  the 12th, 13th and 14th of this month (September). The Summit brought together identified education leaders from across Australia drawn from the ranks of Teachers, Principals, Deputy Principals, Head Teachers, ICT Coordinators, Project Officers and Regional Advisers. It was an extraordinary professional development event, the like of which I had not experienced in my teaching career. The opportunity to collaborate with this exceptional group of educators on a range of curriculum development projects aligned to the National Curriculum standards and professional development projects to support colleagues in K-12 Education and Higher Education settings was a paradigm shifting experience to say the least.

The organization by Adobe was flawless and the support provided throughout the Summit was something that the NSW DEC could take valuable lessons from. Theses guys know how to look after their people and do the job properly.

It will be some time before the trickle down hits and I fully understand the implication of the work done during the Summit. There has been a significant re-alignment of my priorities with regards to education and leadership as a result of the last few days. I simply see things in a way that I could not have imagined prior to this event and I’m sure I owe a lot of this to the collective inspiration, vision and energy of the current team of Australian AEL’s.

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