The latest animation from graffiti / street artist Blu.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Art, Conceptual Framework, Frames, Practice, Video
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  1. For the life of my I cannot find your “contacts” page. Anyway, I love the material you have here. As a fellow art lover I thought you might be interest in last night’s launch of Das 500 ( Das Superpaper’s new online platform. I have written a little spiel about it on my blog. Id be stoked if you checked it out!

    • Hi Susie
      Sorry about the ‘contacts page’ I have to admit that it’s quite a big oversight and I’ll remedy that tonight. Thanks for your comments and link to your blog. That was a brave move, perusing your love of writing, congrats. I’m still doing the balancing act, long hours, little sleep, but slowly making ground.
      Thanks also for the info about Das 500. I read your article on Rena Littleson: 10 Day Bender, nice writing from so many perspectives. Looks like the education system lost a good person.
      To make up for my omission…….. contact is
      All the best


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