In the spectacular large-scale projects he’s famous for (such as “Waterfalls” in New York harbour), Olafur Eliasson creates art from a palette of space, distance, colour and light. The transparent simplicity and experiential nature of his work has built Olafur Eliasson’s reputation as one of the world’s most accessible creators of contemporary art.

“Denmark-born Icelander Olafur Eliasson has taken the art world by storm — and the meteorological dimensions of that statement are appropriate. His immensely popular The Weather Project, at London’s Tate Museum, immersed spectators in an artificial mirrored environment with its own looming sun (and its own analogue of London fog), and attracted 2 million visitors in the process. In the summer of 2008, his four massive waterfalls spectacularly punctuated key sites in New York’s harbour — including one pouring from beneath the Brooklyn Bridge”. TED

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Art, Conceptual Framework, Exhibitions, Practice
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